Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blazers and Handbags

I am in a serious need for some new items for what will hopefully be Jordan and I's new apartment. One item that I am in desperate need for is a new blazer. I love blazers but I only have one, seems crazy right? It just seems so great that you can have a t-shirt and jeans, but throw on a blazer and a pair of heels and your dressed up. I think this is what I want to wear when I drag Jordan out to wine tasting this year in the Finger Lakes. 

I found this adorable blue cotton blazer, that is a must have for this Spring and Fall season. 

Of course, you must have a bright colored accessory with a neutral blazer. I found this lovely crossbody that is the perfect fit. I love the blushing orange and the chain link strap. Marc Jacobs has such great style, slightly expensive, but great to purchase through Bluefly.

If you are more a neutral, and stray away from bright colors, I would suggest the Rose crossbody. The color is still as beautiful as the orange, but gives the bag a toned down feel. 

What items do you need to buy?

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