Sunday, March 20, 2011

Starting Fresh

Blog Love is turning out to be a great course! I am so glad that I started this course from RedVelvet. They have a variety of choices if you are looking for anything. The first thing I have been taught is to come up with three ideas for my blog. The first must be fashion. I love shopping, and creating outfits. Pictures will be starting soon. I will have a ebay shop open within the next few weeks. 
My next topic is home. I love decorating and creating items with my man. We are making letter holders, tables, cabinets, etc. This will show you a look into our life as woodworkers/diyers.
My last is cooking and baking. I love sweets and trying to cook. When speaking with my man, he said why not cooking and showing your own recipes.
I hope you all enjoy the new blog.
If want to ask anything, email me.

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