Saturday, January 28, 2012

Start the Countdown

Do you know when you get so excited and you can't sit still? I feel like that right now. I am ready to start the countdown to a warm, tropical, beautiful vacation. I must tell you that this will not be any vacation, but my first time out of the country (minus that one time I went to Niagara Falls, before you needed passports). I just got my passport in the mail, and am feeling free. I can go anywhere I want.

This is also not like any other vacation, because it will be very secluded and I will be spending it with some very special people in my life. My amazing friends. Since I will be in 90 degree weather, I have decided to search for some easy pieces to pack in my backpack for the trip.

And I found this passport cover that I so desperately want. I feel that yellow would be easy to find in my bag, especially on days that I carry oversized purses.

Jack Georges Passport

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Forever 21
Forever 21



Where in the world would you want to travel?

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