Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bird Houses

When we moved in to our new house, the front already had these pretty flowers put out by the neighbor, so we were trying to think of something else to do on the hook that hangs in the front/right side of our door. I was thinking about getting a hanging flower plant, but then this morning I was thinking having a bird house would be so nice and we could have plants on the left side of our apartment instead! I decided to look on Etsy to find some potential bird houses that I can get next week.

Old World Cottage Birdhouse by mulberrylanefolkart

Birdhouse, Donette's Cottage with Green Siding by DayLynn79

foLK Saltbox Garden Green Primitive Birdhouse by HarmonsCountryCrafts

Bird Feeder Green White Hole In One by birdfeedersplus

cuckoo-like birdhouse by karelsdingen

Thanks Everyone!

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