Saturday, May 28, 2011

Long Time

Hey Everyone, I am sorry for the lack of a post for the past week. I have been so busy with painting the old apartment back to white for the next tenant, that I haven't been able to take a few moments and turn back on our internet, until today! It's such a gorgeous day outside, so this post won't be too long. In the midst of all my packing, I was looking at my shoes, and realized I really do not have that many pairs of shoes. I have flip flops in about any color you could want, but not not enough sandals, heels, flats, boots, etc. I was on a mission this morning to put together a collage of my most top wanted shoes at the moment. Here you go!

From Top Left: 
1. Forever 21
2. Aldo
3. Yes Style
4. Forever 21
5. Aldo

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